pixel scaling


was wondering what the best solution for scaling pixels is… with considerationg for final quality of image and the overhead needed to process.

i currently have a small image which i scale into a large image.
i then use the pixel values of the large image for displacing various things in my app… so essentially i just want to scale my pixels into a higher resolution.

currently im doing this through openCV using scaleIntoMe().

colorImage.allocate( 320, 240 );  
colorImageLarge.allocate( 800, 350 );  
colorImageLarge.scaleIntoMe( colorImage );  
colorImageLarge.blurGaussian( 5 );      // i apply some blur to smooth the image out.  

so my question,
is there a better way of doing this? more processor efficient way?

and also, the final image when i draw it to screen looks kinda boxy.
wondering if pixel scaling can be done with smoothing as well to get a smoother large image?

any other information about these operations would awesome.

thanks for reading

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