Pixel/led mapping library?

Is there a pixel mapping library where you can place “pixels” on a canvas and push them to a teensy/arduino/etc and control a led strip? Similar to what I think madmapper or resolume has.

Or should I continue building on the one I have? Just don’t feel like reinventing a wheel :+1:

I was working on a tool a while ago. I hopefully, find some time soon to fix the last remaining bugs and improve performance.
It can receive NDI, Syphon or grab pixels from a video. the pixels to grab can be specified in an svg.
Maybe that helps a bit.

I havent used this one, but i found this when researching fadecandy solustions: GitHub - DHaylock/ofxOPC: openFrameworks addon for ofxOPC and FadeCandy

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Nice! Exactly what I’m looking for and have been working on. But have problems pushing the pixels accurately to the arduino I used to use. Have a teensy now and trying OctoWS2811 LED Library, Driving Hundreds to Thousands of WS2811 LEDs with Teensy 3.0. There’s an example where he’s pushing a video to led strips from processing.

Actually have a fadeCandy but it doesnt work on my laptop! Might just get a raspberry and see if works there.

Edit: Got the fadeCandy server running! I’ll try that.

in case you wanna implement your own protocol. I used Chris’ packetSerial library for sending data to the controller. it worked very well, for the number of pixels I had to deal with.


I’ll try that! FadeCandy is working great but I really want to try to get my own little lib going as well! Thanks!

I did this for a NYE party a few years ago.

Take a look at my approach if you like. Would be happy to get any feedback you might have.
I used a few audio reactive shaders and it all worked fairly well on the night.


edit: I’ve just realised this was an early version, and I hadn’t mapped my LEDs at this stage. Also, I’d like to note the shaders I used were taken from shadertoy.com and were only slightly modified, so cannot take any credit for them. I can’t see where I credited the original artist, and it looks like they may have removed the work. If I can find links to the originals I will update this post.

editedit: Here’s a video of the (near) final version - https://youtu.be/4A12Sklf044

Thank you!!! I have lost quite some hours trying to find a good existing solution to push any kind of data from PC to arduino. In the end i always had to code my way out of it, but once its working i am afraid to touch it again or improve it :sweat_smile:

@MaxBjorverud: if you want to develop your own simple protocol to send RGB data, or even RGBW (for RGB+W strips) let me know, i can give you some starting code for oF and Teensy. I’m working on a setup sending data for 1500 pixels from RPi4 to a Teensy, and then 2 paralel data lines for different strips: quick demo on my facebook

Hi! I ended up using FadeCandy and ofxOPC https://github.com/DHaylock/ofxOPC

It worked really great!