Hello everybody, I want to share with you a work done by the team pigmento (ed_cody is the coder).


Also the © will be cc.

Thanks for all people suggestions here.

Great work! Love seeing the objects colors changing with the interactions

This is one of those projects I would love to be able to see in 10 years with faster processors/higher res capture devices. There is a lot of potential with the idea and I am just imagining if you were able to track every one of the objects as a particle.

many thanks jason!

The camera was a unibrain 640x480. Overall, a good one. Of course it was not possible to catch small grains, but in the meanwhile the processors could not be enough for the filling. It had to be in real time. We started with a macbook dualcore…integrated graphic card, but the framerate was too low. Then a macbook pro 2011 because it was more comfortable to project at 1024x768.

Also, it depends from the threshold…and in our case (after a light projection) can’t be always the best as we want.
But in perfect conditions, without projection, it’s possible to catch even small grains.


Despite the results, it has been a crazy work…maybe because we started without knowing so much! (actually i always have this feeling).

As designer, I think about an interface already developed…and then to invent applications with sensitive materials over it. A mix of media screen and physical interaction. For example, starting from the Collin’s iPad stylus to some more “reactable” material.

Nice project! I love the material used! Congratulations!