Picturae 2.0 virtual painting installation

First of all, I must say a very big THANK YOU to this community.
Less than two years ago, a friend of mine has showed me this API. I was a total ignorant in c++. I thought “this is not for me”.
I must say that Openframeworks help me to learn, as you get a result quickly. It’s a motivating way to learn.
Many Thanks.

My first big project with Openframeworks is a virtual painting installation. Picturae 2.0.
I built it mainly for artists. I worked with http://keflione.com, a graphic designer, and start an adaptation with a violonist http://www.jf-vrod.com.

Here is the trailer.
You can find more information (in french) at http://taprik.net/Picturae/Picturae-video.html


Very nice, congratulations!
I love the stencil feature!

Nice work taprik! Great inspiration. :slight_smile:

looks great! how did you do the tracking of the can?

Hey, Thank you

It is the tracking of an IR light. I’m using a Point Grey firefly MV camera. It gots a very good response in IR.

very nice work!

Love this, fantastic.