Pi tracker, my first project

I have study OF for few days. Although it is not easy for an art background rookie, I really love this platform. Faster and powerful. Pi track is my First project. The idea came from CMUcam. My goal is to make an easy using and programmable camera for artists.

After recognition and tracking a object via OpenCV, the Raspberry PI sends coordinates to Arduino mini through i2c wires. Then the Arduino sends data to serial port and displays on LCD. Using OF can easy to do image processing and communicate with Arduino. It is also convenient to add new functions.

where can I put pictures and source code?


If you are looking for a place to post and share your source code, have you tried Github?

Thanks you. I have put them on Github :grinning:

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I have put source code and hardware design on Github. I compiled them on raspberry pi B+, because the RAM of A+ is not enough to compile. A codeblock project is included in the folder.
Have fun.

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Yeah Its a pretty amazing service. You should make a github page for your profile to advertise your work. Every free account gets one.

Thank you. Github is a nice place to put the source code. It is a new class for a artist :joy: . Yes, I should study that as soon as. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: