PhotoBooth for Event this month (Paid)

Hi All,

My company has an medical congress at the end of this month in Prague.
We are looking to build a Photo Booth that will ‘snap’ the attendee’s faces, then slice them horizontally into three (eyes, mouth, nose), then mix them with the other attendees.

Essentially, we are looking to build is:
• A touchscreen/camera interface which captures an individuals face – they can save their preferred image.
• Individual’s faces will be added to a database/folder.
• The face will be divided into three and composited into a randomised face made of two other faces and delivered to two screens: one static and one interactive.

So that is it – we already have the go ahead, and the budget in place.

Realising time is tight – I have a two pronged approach:

  1. Camera capture interface and delivery to screens all built in C++ (OF).
  2. OR just Camera interface, and I crudely build rest as I would a web app.

Please contact me on: edward.lee [at] if you can help.