Photo warping using OpenFramworks

I have been playing around with this framework for couple of days now. Trying to build an iOS app that has a functionality similar to this-
i.e warping a photo/face on the basis of finger touches.
Does there exist any addon which can process a still image applying the warp effect on it. i.e warp/stretch a specific area of interest (rect). Any leads will be appreciated.


I would write a shader to do this! check out shader/09_gaussianBlurFilter in the examples folder to see another kind of filter you can write with a shader. It would also be very efficient to go this route. It is not one of the examples to do a swirl like in the website you linked to, but there are plenty examples of that sort of thing online online: (I haven’t tested this)

For more info about getting started with shaders check out the book chapter:

If you aren’t into the shader idea there might be a way to do it with openCV, but I am not seeing anything from a quick search that is exactly what you need. This is the closest.!show_warpPerspective


Since you are using IOS you will need to use OpenGL ES 2 (GLES) that example I linked too is in GLSL so that specific one probably won’t work for you, but there are similar examples out there for GLES.

You can also look at addons/ofxCv/example-flow-distort