Photo Stream (pbo texture loading help)

Photo Stream

I finished a project for a realtime photo morphing installation(still need to post documentation). I had to build a photo capture class where I was tethering photos from a nikon to the app. After the installation I was not super happy with the photo loading part so I am trying to re-write this part. I have posted a link to my google code where there is a repository of the project.

you need to download:



Photo Stream App…-eam%20App/

in setup you will see a:

photoStream->setup("PATH TO THE PHOTOS", 0.3);  

replace PATH TO THE PHOTOS to a directory of large Jpegs.

So far I have a dir list checking for new photos. I am storing all the photos in a PhotoObject Array. The array acts like a loop, when I hit a max amount of photos I replace the first photo in the array with a new photo. I am using Theo’s ofxPBOTexture for texture streaming. The pixels are loading in a thread using ofImage with no texture, a HD photo is made along with a thumbnail. The stream is great until you try to load in many photos.

Loading one photo at a time its great. I have the MAX_PHOTOS (in PhotoStream.h) set to 5 for testing, if you try to load around 10 you will get a crash. I’m not sure why, I think it is because a texture is still trying to upload and I am trying to stop it and replace the object.

Is there a way to stop a texture upload? If anyone could take a look at the code that would be great, thanks :slight_smile: