Phonozoa creatures that make music (just starting out)

Hi OFers? that sounds bad, um what about, Hi OFians? anyway Hi,

I’m starting out on a long project and learning OF along the way and I wanted to show where I am now (after about a month or so of noodling). I hope to make a world populated with my creatures and a journey through this would would end up being music. So I have two creatures so far, the Pingfish:

and the Antena Quobe:

the audio is done in MaxMSP with data sent via udp.

thanks to all those who developed OF I looks like there are a lot of possibilities, looking forward to discovering more.


Like Antena Quobe ! Nice work !

very lifelike creatures communicating in a strange language ! nicely done !

Thanks guys!

Wonderful! I was wondering how did you make the countour of the Antena Quobe, because it’s not a perfect circle, and looks jelly! How did you do that?

Hi Frederico
sorry for the delay in my reply. I did it using ofRandom:

// make points for blob
for(int i=0; i<points;i++){
    float angle = i * angleInc + ofRandom(-vary1, vary1); 
    float amp = ofRandom(radius - vary2, radius + vary2); 
    float x = cos(angle) * amp;
    float y = sin(angle) * amp;
    ofVec2f temp(x,y);

and to draw:

for(int i=0; i < points + 3; i++){
    int j = i % points;
    float n1 = ofSignedNoise(noiseOffset, (ofGetFrameNum() * .01) + blobpoints[j].x) * vary2;
    float n2 = ofSignedNoise(0, noiseOffset, (ofGetFrameNum() * .01) + blobpoints[j].y) * vary2;
    float x = offset.x + blobpoints[j].x + n1;
    float y = offset.y + blobpoints[j].y + n2;
    ofCurveVertex(x, y);

You will notice that in draw you have to draw 3 more verticies which are for a starting point and for control points. vary2 is just a scaling value that I set in the setup function.


Thank you very much! Really smart method