Persistent error when trying to build ofxSVGTiny example

I’m on Windows x64. I tried several times to build the example from Kyle McDonald’s ofxSvgTiny addon ( It goes through the project generator update with no error, but when I compile it throws

g:\code\of_v0.10.1_vs2017_release\addons\ofxsvgtiny-master\src\ofxsvgtiny.h(4): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'svgtiny.h': No such file or directory (compiling source file ..\..\..\of_v0.10.1_vs2017_release\addons\ofxSVGTiny-master\src\ofxSVGTiny.cpp)
1>Done building project "example_tinySVG.vcxproj" -- FAILED.

if I add ofxSVGTiny as one of the addons. If i don’t, it compiles without error but displays a blank window.

Do I need to run the addon itself through the project generator update?

Thanks again


That addon might be outdated or not even work on anything but osx, the openframeworks download already has an ofxSVG addon which is also based on svgtiny but has lot’s of errors corrected and works on all platforms, have you tried that?

Gotcha, I was just experimenting, thanks so much