Permission issue - ofxGPS on android

It looks like the GPS addon for android is not working due to permission issues. The error when running the app on a device:

SecurityException: “network” location provider requires ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION or ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission.

What I understand is that these 2 permissions are since Android 6 (api level 23) treated as ‘dangerous’ and the user must explicitly grant your app access (so doing it in the manifest is not enough). See:

Does anyone know what to do in order to have the ofxGPS addon to work on android?

Easiest is to manually grant the from the app settings page: go to Settings -> Apps & notifications -> scroll to the app -> Permissions -> toggle the permissions you need.

The nice way would be to trigger a dialog to prompt for the permisions, but the manual way could be enough for your purpose.

Thanks, I think I’m going for a dialog prompt using: ofxAndroidRequestPermission();