Perlin noise / vector field / ... for animating bubbles


I’m working on a project where I need to visualize bubbles in water. Of course Rober from flight404 has done this in the most excellent way. If you see this movie for just the first ~20 seconds you can see how nice the bubbles move upwards.

I’m wondering which technique he uses and how it’s done?


there’s a couple of ways you can apply a perlin noise field (2d) / volume (3d) to particles. first is to use the field to set the velocity of the particles directly, the second is to use it to add acceleration. in either case you’ll need 3 different perlin noise sources with different random seeds (1 for each [x, y, z] component of velocity/acceleration). you’ll also need to experiment enormously with the scale of the field relative to the scale of the particle systems, and the mass of the particles. you might also need 4d perlin noise (the 4th dimension is time).


Thanks Damian! Actually I didnt ask how to apply a perlin noise to a vector field, but I asked how Robert created the effect of the bubbles in that movie… I think it’s using a vector field and perlin noise, but I’m not sure.

I am trying to figure out how to create those nice moving bubbles.

Hi, I know it is an old thread but I am actually trying to create a random vector field using Perlin noise.
Can someone tell me where to start? I found the ofxVectorField addon but this may be deprecated as it doesn’t compile.