Performant Memory Manager

Hey, I was wondering if anyone has a hold of a simple, generic plug & play more efficient & performant memory managment system, other than new/delete/malloc, etc.

I’ve glanced and used other systems, they vastly outperform new/delete, cause the memory is contiguous, and not fragmented like in new/delete. But usually they are deeply entwined inside engines, and are not easily portable.

A simple api that could alloc X megas of ram during setup, and overrider new/delete to install objects at those locations is what I am seeking. Any help is appreciated, lots of other coding regions to take care of.

a pool, with setup, new, delete, operator access [ ] :wink:

have you tried the Irrlicht engine?

built-in blazing performant manager

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Though now unthinkable to port everything there.