performance issue and graphic card driver installation

Hi, all. I recently suffered a problem from low frame rate when few large images (circle, textures, …) are placed on the canvas. It was quite strange since it showed lower performance than basic processing 1.0 examples.

I tried to use texture batch bind/unbind method but did not get big advantage. Neither disabling alphablending nor smoothing.

a symptom was this problem only occurred with large images. I tested it with small particles but it worked well. I guess that this problem is related to screen buffer or something like that. Moreover, I tested FBO texture but it did not work.

Finally, I changed my graphic card driver from one auto-installed by Windows 7 to one manually installed. it worked! Framerate became very normal.

My environment is ATI Firepro V3750 / Windows 7 / OF_0.0061_vs2008. If you have similar problem, please check your graphic card installation first.