Performance and stability of ofxWMFVideoPlayer for 4K

I am experimenting with the mentioned ofxWMFVideoPlayer on Windows 10 (OF version 0.10.1), since the standard DS player looks like it is not up to the task with modern large (4K) videos.

The tests are made with the @DomAmato fork, than can be found here, since it looks like it has a few bugfixes not presentn in the original. The only meaningful changes I did are the video filenames to load (trivial) and the setting of looping to OF_LOOP_NORMAL to (of course) play the same video in a loop.

Unfortunately I am getting inconsistent results, with a simple test video (this one) sometimes it runs perfectly smooth at 60fps, others it gets stuck around 30 and is visibly choppier. Things may vary, with this file (different codec) it usually runs at 60fps but after a few cycles the application hangs.

If the video is playing badly most of the times pressing a key to have it reloaded makes it ok again, for a while. The transistion between slow and fast playback always happens at video start, once it starts at 60fps it stays there to the end.

The classic Bucks Bunny video (this) always plays at little more than 30fps. The hardware is perfectly able to go full speed, which happens if I just double click on the file to play it with Windows Media Player. Weird enough, if I keep both open at the same time on WMP it plays smooth while the OF apps stays at 30 - 35 fps :roll_eyes:

The PC used in these tests is not top of the notch, but the CPU always stays low (a few percent), and the video card (NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030) while not a monster should be enough for the task, as succesfully opening the file in other player demonstrates.

I really do not know where to start debugging this, the addon code is quite complex. So any help on this would be appreciated. I said it a few times before :grimacing: but the lack of a proper video player in OF is a big drawback for the library.

Thank you, and cheers