Pay Per Laugh Project

Hey OF community,

thought you might be interested in an OpenFrameworks project that launched last month…

Pay Per Laugh (PPL) came about after the Spanish government decided to raise the tax for
theatrical shows, resulting in the lowest turnout of audiences in living memory. Faced with
this reality the independent comedy theatre company Teatreneu decided to invent Pay Per
Laugh, the first comedy theatre where you only pay for what you consume.

Pay Per Laugh is an application that, once installed on an iPad, is able to detect laughing,
crying or any facial expression previously programmed. The software was developed with a
simple FaceTracker and a facial expressions detector counts, lists and generates statistics
of the amount of laughs detected. Each time it recognizes a smile the iPad takes a picture
and sends it to the PPL server, creating and monitoring the statistics in real time.

The first public appearance of the application Pay per Laugh took place on the 10th of April
at the Aquitània Theater, in Barcelona. The ad agency The Cyranos McCann and the
theatrical company Teatreneu, in collaboration with production company Canada, debuted a
very special session of the comedy show called Improshow. At this particular show, using
PPL, the audience could pay depending on how many times they laughed.

Each laugh had a price (€0.30) There was a maximum total of €8 so that the audience
wouldn’t have to try and control their impulses, instead enjoying the show. Once the show
was finished, the spectators could check the pictures that proved each and every one of their
smiles during the show.

The final result of the experience was an average of 49 laughs which would represent a total
cost of €14.70 for the ticket (almost double the €8 maximum).

The Pay Per Laugh was presented at the 2014 Cannes Lions festival and picked up 8 Lions
awards ‒including a Gold and a Silver‒. :slight_smile:

some tech info:
main addons: ofxFaceTracker and ofxFtp.
1 mac mini
80 iPads
1 big screen for real time statistics
4 pc for box office web service delivery

long life to OpenFrameworks!


This is brilliant. Amazing work :slight_smile:

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this is incredible! bravo!

Brilliant! amazing idea :slight_smile: Congrats!

Really, Amazing works!!