Patric Schmitz - Hi there!

Hey there fellow ofx coders!

I’m Patric, new to the project, and would like to introduce myself a little.

I’m finally taking the time to get started with openFrameworks for creative coding, e.g. for prototyping audiovisual installations, real-time GL rendering and interaction, audio processing, 3D camera and other live user input and all those matters. I’m excited to become an active part of the project and help in its development as far as I will be able to do, since time is scarce. I have a strong C++ and OpenGL graphics programming background, worked in the Virtual Reality domain for quite some years, did some audio/DSP, image and geometry processing, worked with 3D cameras and different kinds real-time input/interaction devices. I work mainly on Linux, but I will get started with Mac OS X as a platform as well here at my new job at IRCAM, where I’m working as a software developer on an audio analysis/synthesis software. So that’s it about me, thanks for this great project, now let’s get to work.

I tried registering with the ML, however the confirmation mail isn’t arriving (it’s not in spam), any known problems with that? Related question, does ofx dev discussion take place mainly on the ML or in the forums?


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