Path to a PhD - Masters certificate program?


I’ve just finished my Masters in Computer science at Stevens institute of technology. Lately I’ve developed a lot of interest in HCI and would like to continue my education and get a PhD.

The problem however is that I have zero research in HCI or any design related subject. I’ve been working on Embedded systems all the while and would like to create new interfaces with Embedded hardware. I’ve been talking to a lot of people about what it takes to get into a good PhD program and I’ve been advised to get do a Masters certificate program (I don’t think I can invest the time or money into a full masters) and try get a paper at CHI or similar conferences.

My questions are -

  1. What are the schools that are known for their Masters programs in HCI?

  2. I’ve just started working at Orlando and wouldn’t like to quit my fulltime job. So would it be advisable to take an Online course from a reputed institute ? Or an oncampus course in some university around Orlando?

Any advice is appreciated!