patch for oscReceiverExample - fixes string handling etc.


The oscReceiverExample in 006 doesn’t build because it expects strings returned by ofxOsc to be char *s rather than std::strings. It also appears to be missing code to print out non-mouse messages.

The .h file also used deprecated ofAddons.h.

Attached patches (against addons SVN) attempt to address the issues. Tested on OSX.

BTW, finding the SVN is a bit tricky :slight_smile: only mentions snapshots (not the actual SVN), and the link to is broken.



Ah yes. I think the ofxOsc included with the FAT package is actually correct, but there is a bit of sync problems between that and the SVN (and the download on Damians site). It would be good to get this synced up.

You are right - I just downloaded 0.06 FAT osx and the code in there is correct. Has the 0.06 download been updated recently? (I think the version I had that didn’t work was also from a 0.06 FAT osx)