Patch for generating video sequences with subtitles (.srt) and word2vec

thanks @jonasfehr ,
the example i tested the other day was working also with one video/ one srt files, but also with many files.

Here is a version that calculates the next subtitle in a seperate thread. Not sure if the thread implementation is good (its my first attempt), but it seems to work well so far: ofEmscriptenExamples/montageautomat_threaded at main · Jonathhhan/ofEmscriptenExamples · GitHub

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I did a fast check of both:


and they worked here on Windows.
I see that now the jump between videos is faster.

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@moebiussurfing thanks. montageautomat_threaded_2 is the newest one (I have to clean up and choose one version ;)). Yeah, the possibility to use seperate threads is really nice. I think I understand the basics now. I did put everything that takes quite long to calculate in a seperate thread, so the app does not freeze. And the next subtitle is calculated directly after the last subtitle is choosen, so jumps can only appear if the subtitle is very short (shorter than the calculation takes…).