Passing a lot of texture to shader

Hi! I’m trying to pass 45 texture to my shader but i received this error when in fragment shader i try to use texture after the index 15:

vec3 color = texture( frames[16], st ).xyz;

And that’s the error:

ERROR: Implementation limit of 16 active fragment shader samplers (e.g., maximum number of supported image units) exceeded, fragment shader uses 18 samplers

There is some way to change this limit?

Mauro, you can always put multiple textures inside a big Fbo ; )

I already tried but there is some limit and i can’t create a big FBO. I checked with gl_Info and the max texture size is 8192.
Now i’m thinking to try with a sampler2DArray inside my fragment, but i don’t know how to bind all the textures… so, i have to try and find the solution.