Particles // circular and spiraloid movements and flocking ?

I made a post about this but it has disappeared, strangely.

I’m currently playing with Kyle’s Quadtree particles system implementation.
It compiles fine, works fine etc.

I’d need to implement flocking.
At the same step, I’m trying to make my particles moving circularly, I mean, on kind of spirals.

1/ wouldn’t flocking around some points (moving) be enough and the way to go for my circular movements ?
I mean, linear movements can still keep like that, but moving attractors & circular stuff could be inducted like that no?
2/ I checked André Sier’s stuff ( )
He made processing and OF addons about that and I have to say that processing on is impressively accurate.

Would this integration require a total recoding?
Indeed, flocking/boids libs seem to implement their own collision detection systems, etc.

If someone already implemented flocking with Kyle’s Quad Tree stuff, I’d be happy to check the way it has to be implemented.

Here is something very prototyped without any flocking, not finished but nice (Autechre’s music is okay for this)