Particle System on RGB Lights controlled by openFrameworks


Here is an example of some of the lighting experiments we’ve been working on.

This video shows a simple particle system being displayed on an 8x50 array of RGB lights. In this example, the particle system is rendered to the screen, and a lighting component is overlayed on top and chunks up the image underneath (using RGB averages to pixelate with a set block size) and then grabs the RGB’s of those chunks for displaying on the screen. The advantage of this approach is that anything you draw on the screen in oF can easily be shown on the lights (videos, images, abstract graphics, etc).

The hardware control interface for the lights operates over an ethernet connection and allows us to send RGB values for each light.

Sadly I can’t release source code at this point, as it is written under an NDA with the light manufacture.

I hope you enjoy the video!


looks really great pat!