Particle effects using camera feed/motion tracking

Could someone point me in the right direction?

I’m wanting to create a realtime effect similar to this

I’ve found this OF example which is also quite close

I’ve tried to use brightness values from the camera and create particles that are attracted to these positions but it doesn’t run anywhere near fast enough. Even with just 500 particles.

What should I be using to achieve such effects? Should I be using openGL and shaders, vector math, and or something else?

Any examples using web cam or kinect feed would be very helpful! Even an insite on what steps to take next…

Thanks for your help


I think that you should use OPENGL, shaders and so on to run faster.

A physical engine, fluid simulator, or similar could help you to shape your particles.

I hope it helps.


Could you post some of the code you are using as well as the camera you’re using for capture?