Particle Designer for OpenFrameworks Based on ofxParticleEmitter


I just made a simple particle designer for one of my personal projects and thought I would share it with the community. It is based on a forked version of ofxParticleEmitter

Since ofxParticleEmitter can load XML (.pex) files from 71-squared Particle Designer ( ofParticleDesigner can also load and save XML files in that format.

This tool might have bugs and the code is messy… I put it on github so anyone can improve it.

I hope this would come in handy for anyone who wants to create particle configs and load them into OF apps with ofxParticleEmitter. :slight_smile:

Addon used are,

* ofxParticleEmitter - forked -
* ofxSimpleGuiToo
* ofxXmlSettings
* ofxMSAInteractiveObject


Interesting! i will try your app, even if the proprietary software is only for mac and iphone. Do you know others particles designer for linux or windows?


I didn’t compile this on Linux or windows. However, it should work on any OS as OF is a cross platform framework. :slight_smile:


Very cool thanks for sharing! Reminds me of FX Composer by Nvidia that I used to use. Integrating shaders might be a fun direction to take this in even if it’s just simple fragment shaders effects for glow / DOF at first.

Thanks! I had done something similar for OF 0062 but your version looks more flushed out and saving back to the XML files is awesome.

Thanks a lot!

I have found few issues with gl_blending options. Also, I need to add “pause”, “play” features to ofxParticleEmitter. I will post the gl_blending issue here soon.

thank you very much

Have you had a chance to add in the new rotation parameters in the latest Particle Designer?

Hi Seth,

I actually didn’t notice any rotation parameters (guessing that you are referring to 71squared particle designer). I will have a look.

Also, I am hoping to add the start/stop functions to the designer and ofxParticleEmitter. There is a bug, which is holding me back from doing that. Sometimes it breaks the particle flow, when I toggle start/stop of the particle emitter few times.


Yeah, in the newest version there’s a rotation parameter that allows for rotating the textures. However, they also changed over to using quads instead of PointSprites and I wasn’t able to figure out how to port this part over since they use texture2D for the quads.