Panorama stitching via openCv

In this example I grab the video-feed of 2 usb webcams (Logitech c920) and stitch them together via openCV’s stitcher library.


Any idea what it would do with 3 cameras of 170º in a 360º setup?

good question. not sure.

but i uploaded an other OF project that loads images and stitches them.
it only uses two images but it’s easy to expand the code to use more.

I’ll have a look at it when I have the cams at my disposal, but they are stuck in an installation right now.
I forgot to mention that the stitching would need to be done realtime…probably that’s a big no…?

to clarify.
i now have two separate examples up one uses 2 video feeds the other loads images/photos from the hard drive. you should be able to do some tests without having your cams.

yes, the frame rate was super low 4fps.