PanMe installation

Hi everyone,

Thought there might be someone interested in a recent project we did.
PanMe is a collaborative music experience designed using OpenFrameworks and Ableton for

The software includes face tracking and facial expression-detection addon.
User’s head movements & facial expressions can then drive PanMe to create music in real time and
a retro-graphic holographic screen depicts the jam session that is being composed by participants.

Up to 4 users can interact with the installation using 4 iPads linked to an Ableton session.

The installation continually photographs when users moving eyebrows,
which are exhibited in a 3DS slideshow controlled by a Leap Motion

some tech info:

4 iPads ( OF iOS + ofxFacetracker + ofxOSC)
1 Hologram ( 5.0 aspect ratio)
1 OSX Server with Ableton ( OF OSX + ofxOSC )
1 3DS TV
1 Leap Motion sensor ( OF OSX + ofxLeapMotion ).

some XP results:

7500 photos,
7500 audio beats,
7500 smiles.

Special thanks to Joan & Enric from Relabtive

and all OF people!