Panasonic D-Imager


Im looking on this devices, panasonic D-Imager to use in a shop window, i can not use kinect because the outdoor light environment.

And those TOF cameras seems to work with “outdoor light” EKL3106

Also you can see this video

And this one from @benMcChesney

Anybody has used this device? Does it work as good as seems? regards

They are pretty noisy - don’t expect the sksleton tracking to work with IISU or anything - the depth feed is too noisey. It works well for openCV / optical flow. But it will work in direct sunlight and through single pane glass.

I wrote an addon a while ago

Thanks for the info!I

I want to get people contours, so the noise its not good for me,i have been reading also about the kinect 2 wich seems to be more tolerant with the ambient light, i need to get one make some tests and if not works try to get one of those sensors

I was able to work with them – the image is fairly low res, but I didn’t find them super noisy after a wee bit of processing (such as median filtering, etc). From my experience I was able to get clean edges from a crowd outside and work with blobs / edges. They are built like a tank, the one that works in daylight emits alot of IR too. I definitely recommend this for an outdoor installation, I had one running 6 weeks 24x7 no problem. The postage sized stamp quality to the image will make you cringe (it’s 160x120) but it works out ok in the end I think.

Thanks for the info zach!!

Seems like panasonic its going to stop selling those in december… so lets see if i can get one to test.

I have one for sale that I never ended up using in a project, if anyone is interested…