[Paired Programming] [Open Source] GLSL and 3D Mentoring

Hello all,

I am looking for someone to assist me in contributing to an open source project

I am looking for primarily either mentorship or paired programming, or if you want to simply solve the problems yourself, that’s fine. I’m working on:

  1. 3D Models
  2. GLSL Shaders
  3. Basic polymorphism in C++

Some knowledge of raspberry pi would be useful, as would be experience with C++ in AppCode or QT Creator.

This would not require many hours, and there are many ways that you could help me (I think remote pair programming would be most efficient and fun). It’s an interesting project, I think, see some of my intentions here: https://github.com/averagehat/c_o_n_j_u_r#simple-recur-graph

Hey, what help do you need? I’m not an expert in the topics you’ve mentioned but maybe can help.

For context, I’ve made this:

Yeah, Tim (author of r_e_c_u_r) referred me to your project, specifically the cross-platform shaders, which I have been using to develop locally on my mac. I do have issues with those that I could use help with, as somehow my coordinates are always wrong, now. I think you could definitely help me with some of this.

  1. Shaders (fragment and vertex) are not matching up. I think there is some basic vertex shader stuff I m not understanding.

  2. Chaining effects shaders together

  3. 3D model: I am now getting a flashing black screen; I am not trying to do anything complex; I suspect I am getting feedback because I am not clearing the fbo properly or the like. I can post code on this later.

  4. A C++ representation of heterogenously-typed graph representation. I need to ‘interpret’ this graph in OF to represent image and video textures. Most of this is complete but I am screwing up the pointers over and over.

  5. Any problems with RPi compatibility that come up

Here is the link to one of my issues: Colorless texture in 3D model

Hi @mikemd

I understand your requirement and very much excited to be a part of your task as an Coder/programmer

please reach me out

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