Paid work, openFrameworks addon for Piecemaker2


Before getting swamped with other previous commitments I was going to help the loverly people at Motionbank ( ) write an addon for interacting with the Piecemaker2 API. ( REST and JSON )

Now I’m tied up on other things and am helping to look for someone that might want to take on the task instead.

It’s a paid project and you would be dealing directly with Florian Jennett (@fjenett ) at Motion Bank.

More about Piecemaker here:

Your task would be to create an openFrameworks addon that can interact with the data stored in a Piecemaker database via the provided API to for example create visualisations, other UIs for inputting special data, etc.

Get in touch and I’ll pass you details along.


Hey, mate. I’ve worked on OF for two years (You can know me by and familiar with JSON. I’m working for IBM.
That task interests me. Can u send me the detail of that task?
My email:

Looking forward to your reply. LiJing

hey andreas, funny i just stumbled across this post by accident… i was a participant at the creative coding lab last year and was introduced to florian. did we meet as well? i don’t remember. was out of the country and on other stuff most of the time since then but i have just started to continue work on getting all the mocap data from the workshop into a spatial non-linear api i started working on back then on a conceptual level. it is supposed to be able to plug into piecemaker and focuses on machine-readable data that i am using to compose music based on dance and movement.

do you already have existing concepts on how this addon is supposed to integrate in openframeworks projects? i don’t want to take away job opportunities but maybe this could be a good time to join forces since we are eager to get a data/api player up and running asap for our music projects. i’ll send florian a mail since i got his contact anyway.



Seems like we would have, I’m not so great with names though. Was a great time.

I think @jvcleave is on the case at the moment, so might be worth having a chat to him to see if there are any ways to help each other out.