Paid project: projection mapping onto performer

Hello! I’m looking for someone with experience in computer vision and comfortable with the math needed to bend a video texture in real time, to develop a project for a performer near Berlin, Germany.

She has built two flat fans that hang under her arms connecting to her legs, giving her “wings”. The fan axes are under her armpits. Somewhat similar to this:

The idea is to project on that flat surface. She can 1. move sideways, 2. raise and lower her arms (unfolding and folding the projection surface) and finally 3. slightly move her arms forward to about 45 degrees.

The idea is to have an IR camera, add some tracking points to the edge of the fan, then write a program that does some mapping based on the detected points. The program should deform a video file (bend it) so it follows the edge of the fan (more or less). Ideally it would use her existing Macbook pro from 2015 and a new 60 FPS full HD projector.

Her movements are slow or medium speed (not fast).

I made this diagram trying to explain the idea.

Anyone interested in such a project? Send me a private message for more details.
We can have a video call too.


i’ve already did something like that few years ago, using processing instead of ofx

How was the experience? Did it work out as you wanted? Is it online to see? :slight_smile: