PAID: FX development


I’m an artist and programmer, working on a large-scale (6meters high for now) video-installation, which involves two moving panels and real-time videomapping projection on them. I have basic system working now, although it took me six months to get there. Now I need to work on content and that’s where I need your help, since graphic programming is not my strongest skill.

In this installation the position and speed of one panel, will affect the content of another panel and vice-versa. So I would need to develop some effects starting from simple ones, like displacement/distortion of textures and eventually more complicated, which involves particles. Eventually I would need to pass objects between panels, but this will come later.

Skills required:

  • interest in interactive art/graphics
  • good knowledge of openframeworks (duh)
  • solid knowledge of physical models (gravity, forces, etc…)
  • clean C++ programming

If you are interested, please drop me a message, so that we can discuss this further. This will be a long-term project (but not a full-time of course), consisting of series of tasks for which we fix a price and may need to fine-tune, once they get integrated.

I’m based in Paris/France, but you can be anywhere