Packaging Applications Raspberry Pi

So i’ve got Openframworks working on a Raspberry Pi and my app compiling and running fine.

What I want to do now is move this app to another Raspberry Pi and run it without having to install / compile all of OpenFramworks.

The readMe.txt in the application’s bin directory talks of the libs directory containing all the shared libraries required to run the application but the libs folder is empty.

Is there away to add in the required shard libraries and make the application portable?

The specific error i get when trying to run the application is.

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

My post is about missing shared libraries on Raspberry pi and you have linked to a post about data folders on OS X. While interesting it doesn’t answer my question.

I think you will have to link all the libraries statically

When I was trying to do something similar on Ubuntu machines, I realised the easiest was to execute the 2 scripts: and

Then all required libraries would be here as well. Still things to install but I found it quite confortable.