pachinko :: box2d projection mapping

hi, ive put together a couple video pieces using ofxBox2d, first time using the addon and it was remarkably intuitive to use.

they’re for the sydney festival which is happening right now, projection mapped onto the hyde park barracks.

more info =>

many thanks for an awesome addon!


looks like fun


nice example

how do you make for put more than 100 particles, when i put number 1010 the program close and apper some error with

“m_pairCount < b2_maxPairs && m_freePair != b2_nullPair”

i read in box2d forum, and say i can only make arround 512*8 particles, for something like “pairs”, well i make in setup a vector, in a FOR i put 101 particles, and the system crash.

Any idea?

Thx :wink:

yeah i also ran into that limitation but haven’t looked into it, just worked around it.
i needed just enough particles to fill the building so when the error came up i just made the particles a little bigger so it didn’t require as many to fill the building. if i had more time i probably would have tried to work it out… will post again if i come across a solution.


Looks really great! I like how you kept the colours separated on the first one.