output over 3 plazmas, frame accurate sync and loop


This is for a gallery art installation.

Apologies if I am in the wrong area for this question. I am wondering if Quicktime and QTKit framework (this will be some learning curve) can be used to output 3 HD movie files, all the same length and format, synced to output to three seperate plazma screens HD ready. They will all loop, frame accurate sync. They run all day.

So far, hardware in the form of digital signage has been used (Brightsign, Digital view, etc) but this is problematic, and frame accuracty is lost. They are glitchy.

I am drawn to finding out how to use a mini mac. Maybe three mini macs networked. Using QTKit to set a series of commands. Turn on, master-slave, boot in 1 second, run, stop, reboot. This would need to be frame accurate because when you run a 8 min file over and over all day, the audio and video over the three monitors begins to slip.

Any advice or experience with this would be appreciated. Any information links, etc to how to do this, even in testing form would be appecatied.

Thanks for reading,


Hey Alspants,

I would export a single triplewide HD video, use big mac pro, matrox TripleHead2go and Quicktime in full screen.

If the plasmas are too far apart to have one computer work, use something like PVP (http://www.renewedvision.com/pvp.php) to sync them.

code synchronization of video to-the-frame is pretty tricky in practice.