Out of OF tree addons

I’m wondering if it is possible to compile and run addons out of OF tree.
I would like to have something like :


and be able to compile and run example-addon1 with the Release version of OF, the Nightly version and the Personal version.
Is there some way to add myaddons to the addons search path ?

with the command line project generator, or by updating the addons.make file and then running the normal project generator over the project, you can use relative paths to add addons from anywhere.

you need to specify the pats as relative to the project, in your case you addons.make for a project should look like:


if the project is in the typical location in apps/someotherfolder/project

OK it works. I can compile example-addon1 with addons.make :

Just have to triple-check the number of …/ :wink: