Out of all things one, and out of one all things

Hello to all,
Here is my latest project, made with OF. It took me a few years to complete. I hope you like it!


What a beautiful unique project!

Thank you for sharing.

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Nice work–congratulations! I agree with @theo , it’s really unique.

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awesome! congrats and thanks fro sharing

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Dear Theo, Ian and Roy, thank you so much for your kind words! It means a lot to me!


Wonderful work! Thanks for sharing!

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Hello to all,

I am sorry to bring this post back again.

After receiving some feedback, I realize that the videos above are not communicating well the idea and the concept behind it.
What is really happening is an (impressive ?) color blending, shown is real life, using printed transparent sheets. And, as you expect, behind it there is an algorithm that implements the computational color blending.

As fellow artists I would deeply appreciate your feedback on this project and it’s presentation videos. Could you please highlight what you think is vague in the videos? What do you think I should change, to make it more comprehensible?

Thank you again for your time, and a big thanks to the OF community that helps people like me, create stuff! :slight_smile:


The project is beautiful and documentation and soundtrack is perfect.
It speaks for itself, technically and poetically
It is so impressive that the last layer you overlap even seems like some computer effect, but I can understand the last milimmeter alignment is like magic.
This reminds me some photography classes from 1999 where we make an “edge detection” image doing photography inversion using Kodalith high contrast film.

This is an amazing project thanks for sharing.


Hey @petrosv , I liked this project and how it was represented in the videos. In particular, I like that the “finished product” was something tangible (printed transparent sheets) combined with less-tangible elements of time and transformation (their layering in the videos). For me, these ideas are very present.

I love how, in a very simple way, a (human) pair of hands combines the transparencies in various ways. It’s very compelling to watch the progression, and it kept my attention on the transparencies, their layering, and on the work.

The videos are a fantastic way to convey the ideas in the project. The metaphors resonate as transparencies combine and uncombine. I think the simplicity of the videos is key. I didn’t find them distracting; they didn’t feel “over produced”. They allow the work to tell its own story, in its own way, and don’t distract from that narrative. They are presentations, not documentaries. Like the computers and the code, the video component feels like another tool in the project.

Also I love that you posted it in the forum, and I hope you get some helpful feedback from others.

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Thank you so much for your warm feedback and your kind words!
It is very encouraging to me.
My best wishes to all of you for health and creativity!