Ouput openFrameworks to multiple TV screens

Hi everyone,

I had a quick question concerning an upcoming art installation that I’m working on. Essentially, I’m building a sculpture out of old TVs (similar to Nam June Paik’s work), and I want to be able to display a different openFrameworks window on each screen (not duplicate the same output multiple times). I’m wondering how I could accomplish this task, both in terms of hardware and software (I’m working on a Macbook Pro but would like to eventually transfer all of the code over to something like a Mac Mini, if possible).

I understand that it is, indeed, possible to create several windows from a single oF application. But is it possible to then route each of these outputs from my computer’s single HDMI port to multiple, unique RCA composite inputs (the TVs)?

Thanks so much in advance.

How many Screens are you talking about? You could use multiple Raspberries.

probably 10 or so. We actually just thought of using raspberry pis, each running a unique oF app. They could be networked together with ethernet cables + a router, right?

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They could absolutely be networked together and even sync’d to some extent.

See this RPI example by @DANtheMAN for some tips and a starting place https://github.com/openFrameworks-arm/CMU-RPi-Workshop/tree/master/multiScreenSimpleSync.

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There’s also the Most Pixels Ever addon that was designed for doing just that:

ofxMostPixelsEver compiling on of 0.8.3 in mountain lion?
I did not find mpeServer.jar but I found a python server for cinder. this work?

I’ve actually made that into an addon that’s a bit easier to use. Its constantly being tweaked whenever I use it so bring on the Feature Requests