[OT-ish] OFFF this year?


Just curious if a lot of people are going to OFFF this year. I’ll be there and if other OF people are there it might be fun to meet up. Feel free to drop me a line. Cheers!


I’ll be there…
Yeah it would be great to catch up with other people who are heading down.

I’ll also be there along with with the LCD crew. Let’s meet up.


I’m def gonna try and make it down, would be ace…

cool, i’m gonna buy my ticket this weekend.

when are you all arriving? one day earlier? I plan to arrive 4-5 days before, to see some portugal…

I will be at OFFF too and would love to be part of any openFrameworks meet up, ease keep me posted, I’ll watch the thread!

I allready got my ticket! :slight_smile:

i live 20 minutes away from the venue :stuck_out_tongue:
ill be there for sure and it would be great to meet up with fellow OF’ers.

Hi all!

may be I will come. How is the situation? Any cheaper hostel?

Grimus are you going to Lisboa from madrid ? the 7th?


i’ll be there too.

if anyone finds a cheap place to stay in the vicinity of the venue let us know. i haven’t booked accommodation yet and could use some pointers.

I just found a hostel in the center of town near the subway line that will go out to OFFF. There’s a few that seem to be quite nice in the center of the city, close to Cais-do-Sodré (but then, never having been to Lisbon, I wouldn’t know).

I live in Lisboa, so if someone need help… please.

From Cais-Sodre to Off its close, you only have to take a bus, there are plenty to that direction.

The site to the bus is this one: http://www.carris.pt/ and you have this electric bus, number 15E:

http://www.carris.pt/horarios/e015-1.pdf (Cais Sodré to Calvário(off)). There are no metro to Off, the closest is to Cais Sodre.

Metro Lisbon: http://www.metrolisboa.pt/Default.aspx?tabid=79

I only just managed to confirm my coming. See y’all there! :wink:

I’m here in the main hall, but I have no idea how to find other OF people…I don’t see anyone with an OF tattoo :slight_smile: If anyone has a bright idea on how to find one another…

i’ll be there today after 6…
if you see a short skinny guy wearing black pants and a blue txirt that reads “ride bmx” come and say hi!!!

cool, i’m currently at the charge center (energy spot), at the back left wearing black trousers, blue hawaiin shirt and a super trendy mullet.


OK I might swing past the energy spot tonight at 6pm and I’ll be looking out for people…at least I know what memo looks like :slight_smile:

We were trying to meet up in the left-ish corner of the energy spot around 13:30-ish today, not sure if that’s not on for some reason, but if it is, I’d be up for grabbing some lunch with people. I’m still in Lisbon, but I’ll be back over there a little later this afternoon so maybe I’ll see some people then. Just look for Memo’s haircut :slight_smile:

Yes, love the new hair styling memo!

whenever I tried to logon to the ofw forum via my iphone I got ‘your ip is blacklisted’!

oh well, was nice to see you again Pierre and meet you Josh, till next time… - maybe in south france? :wink: