OSX retina desktop app


I was just wondering if there were any guidelines for creating a retina enabled osx desktop app. I noticed in the latest OF 0.8.2 there are some changes related to retina screens for GLFW. Do I need to change anything else besides adding ‘High Resolution Capable’ to the openFrameworks-Info.plist?

Heya Trent,

Yeah just the ‘High Resolution Capable’ to YES will enable a retina window when available.

Nick Hardemen wrote this nice blog post about the process of deploying the OSX App store for an OF app with the retina/non-retina


Nice- thanks Dan.

I just noticed ofGetWidth() + ofGetHeight() return x2 in ofApp::setup (2048x1536), but after setup they are normal (1024x768)? I would of thought the app + window size would be x2 by default, like in ios.

Yeah, seems like a bug! I replicated this as well just now. Maybe after first draw it fixes it self (to the current way it is doing things).

Strange though as pixelCoordScale is setup correctly (at least once) before setup is called… yet still ofGetWidth()/ofGetHeight().

I found a workaround- ofSetWindowShape(ofGetWidth(),ofGetHeight()) in setup. This gives me the app + window size x2 (2048x1536) for retina, and x1 (1024x768) for normal.

I didn’t see pixelCoordScale - i guess we can use that to resize things. Thanks.