osx lion 10.7 and ofImage/ofPixels bug?

I’ve slowly been migrating an OF project from another machine on osx 10.6 to one on osx lion 10.7 and have noticed 2 weird bugs with ofImage. Note, I’ve already changed base sdk to 10.6 for projects + targets as suggested here https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/issues/573 which works fine except for these issues.

  1. When loading an image with dimensions exactly 1280x720 (update 1024x768 has the same problem), if fails every time and stops at the swapRGB method in ofPixels? You can test this with the ‘imageLoaderExample’ just change the first line in setup to load any image you have that’s 1280x720. Here’s an image to save to the data/images folder if you want to test: http://trentbrooks.com/files/testImage.jpg

// first line in setup

I’ve got around this for now by changing the image size to 1282x722.

  1. I’ve noticed when loading images from within a thread, loading fails with 'OF: OF_LOG_ERROR: Couldn’t load image… '. From what I can tell, it prepends “…/…/…/data/” to whatever string you pass to loadImage().

I’ve got around this by adding ofToDataPath(“whatever.jpg”) inside the loadImage() function. But this didn’t happen in 10.6.


Issue on github: https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/issues/802

I was having a similar-issue; this swapRgb()-fix solved the problem…