Osx big sur + ofxsyphon + vscode == :-(

hi, i am trying to use ofxsyphon with openframeworks in vscode but it seems that the ‘arc’ issues mentioned here: OF - Transition to ARC · Issue #50 · astellato/ofxSyphon · GitHub is preventing it…

does anybody have any experience building and running syphon examples using osx big sur and possibly vscode?

more details in the mentioned issue, including a stack trace

HI, which version of OF are you using? I was able to use ofxSyphon using the current release (OF v0.11.2) on monterrey.
Otherwise, there is this PR which mentions the issue. Check the changed files in it. Maybe it is as simple as changing that.

I decided to take a stab at switching ofxSyphon over to ARC.
It seems to work okay for me with the nightly builds ( before I was getting the same errors you mentioned ).

There is some more info in my comment here.

@roymacdonald - you are right, I think the issue is @Johannes_Valbjorn was using the nightly builds which has ARC disabled. ( which breaks code that uses retain / release etc ). There was some discussion about this here. [Proposal] About supporting obj-c ARC default. · Issue #6848 · openframeworks/openFrameworks · GitHub

Once we do the next OF release we’ll want to point people to the ARC friendly ofxSyphon branch ( or hopefully it is merged to master then too ).

hi @roymacdonald , i was using:

why nightly?
because i couldnt get ofx 11.2 to work on osx big sur

I see.
OF 11.2 runs on big sur. I am using it right now. The only thing is that when you make or update a project using project generator once you open it in xcode you need to go to File > Project Settings… > Check “Do not show a diagnostic issue about build system deprecation”.
And from there it should compile fine.
And old ofxSyphon works fine with it

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Ahh yes - thanks @roymacdonald !
I think you can also change it to the New Build System in that same menu and it should get rid of the error that way too.

Probably good to get a new release out soon anyway as I am sure a lot of users are stumbling on this ( and the video breaking for latest linux too ).


Thanks @roymacdonald but i dont use xcode, i use vscode.

Getting ofx to work on big sur with vscode and ofxsyphon proved to be a hastle but i got it working as i wrote here :

@theo Sure. A new release would be good. Sorry I’ve not been helping a lot at the OF development. I’ve been extra busy.

@Johannes_Valbjorn Ah, right. Sorry. So then what is the error you get with OF 11.2 when you use it with VS code?

thanks for all the help, i got my beat tracker to video sync app working :slight_smile: