OSX 10.11, XCode 8.2.1, OF (github) ofCamera.cpp "No member named xyz" error

Hi! After updating OF from GitHub i encounter compile errors:

libs/openFrameworks/3d/ofCamera.cpp:178:30: No member named ‘xyz’ in ‘glm::tvec4<float, glm::precision::highp>’
libs/openFrameworks/3d/ofCamera.cpp:206:15: No member named ‘xyz’ in ‘glm::tvec4<float, glm::precision::highp>’
libs/openFrameworks/3d/ofCamera.cpp:213:16: No member named ‘xyz’ in ‘glm::tvec4<float, glm::precision::highp>’
libs/openFrameworks/3d/ofCamera.cpp:221:15: No member named ‘xyz’ in ‘glm::tvec4<float, glm::precision::highp>’

I have GLM installet using brew. glm

I am posting it here in hope that anyone have seen it and have a solution but will continue looking for a fix. Hopefully will have updates soon.

you don’t need to install glm, it comes with OF you might need to re-run the download_libs script since we updated glm recently

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Thanks a lot Arturo! That fixed it. Have you any advice on how often should i update the libs? Or there is a good way to know when should i do it? Couldn’t find much in OF changelog about libraries…

this is not in the changelog cause there hasn’t been any release it’s just that we updated the libraries in the repo. master is a moving target and as such it can change without much documentation about it, if you are using it and something fails to compile with an error on external libraries rerunning this script can be the solution most of the time

ok I got it. Thanks again!