OSC UDP transmission problem

Hi ,
I have a problem with sending multiple TUIO data streams from multiple CCV instances to a TUIOMultiplexer application. I start 8 instances of CCV that are distributed over two computers via autostart, so the instances get initialized at the same time. Sometimes there are arising weired problems with the TUIO data. Most of the data from some instances is getting corrupted, or something different im not really aware of but the data didn’t receive the multiplexer or rather isn’t send. If i turn off the TUIO sending in every CCV instance and then switch it on after a short delay everything works fine.
I’m tracing the UDP traffic with wireshark but can’t see any useful hint.
If I start every CCV instance with a delay, there are also no problems.
Well i could circumvent the problem with some delay start of the multiple instances, but i wanna have some deeper understanding of the problem, perhaps there is some bug in the osc addon.