OSC subreddit group

howdy folks,

I’ve been a user of Lemur [& TouchOSC] for a number of years. I love the software for what it can do all on my iPad.
But its pretty much forgotten by Liine [who make the software] & the forums are static & can’t be posted on, only viewed.
TouchOSC doesn’t even have a forum, which is a damn shame. So nobody can really share anything specific to OSC, or even the software in general.
I know plenty people just post up on music sites or things like that. But something OSC specific is sparse.

So I started a subreddit to bring OSC users together. To show off OSC related works, help each other, ask questions, share tips & tricks etc.


I will be posting up OSC related projects & tutorials [amongst still posting up on the openFrameworks subreddit] & would love it if you share your OSC projects as well.

Thanks & all the best