OSC receiver conflict

Hi there,
I am looking into OSC and the two examples that come with OF.
With OSC, is it that only 1 device can listen to a specific port?

When I open the sender and the receiver on the same machine, at first they work fine.

Then for testing I start sending OSC msg using my phone and a simple python script from my laptop. I can read both into TouchDesigner over the network, as well as the messages that come from oscSenderExample on the same computer.
But for some reason the oscReceiverExample can’t pick up the messages from any of the sources. In fact when the two examples work and I switch TouchDesigner to listen to their port, the OFreceiver stops reading the messages.

Is that normal, or am I missing something?

thank you

Are Touchdesigner and oscReceiverExample in the same machine?
if not are you sending to a broadcast IP?

Yes, for the initial test I have them both running on the same windows machine, but eventually I’d want to send it over the network as well (python-osc on a JetsonNano to win10)
I’ve tried sending the messages to both "localhost’ as well as the local ip.

yes! you can only bind one process to a given port. more info:

sorry I don’t 100% understand what you are trying to do – is it a problem where touch designer receives an osc message but OF doesn’t?

ooh right, I didn’t know that was the case.

I used TouchDesigner just as a proof that the values are going through OSC, but I didn’t realize it was also locking the port to itself. Without it the two apps (python->OF) communicate as expected.

Thank you so much!!

hello, not sure i understood correctly what you are trying to do.
but in case you are on an osx machine, that tool might help for debuggin: GitHub - thomasgeissl/ofOSCDebugger: Command line tool to monitor and send OSC messages, written in c++/openFrameworks
e.g. receiving osc and sending it out on different ports
ofOSCDebugger -p 8000 -b "localhost 8001 localhost 8002"