OSC receive from ESP8266


I’m just starting with OF.

And I’m wondering how to start with OSC.

I want my esp8266 module to send a message to OF.
But the documentation is really abstract and not very specific.

Any examples of this lying around that I did not find out about yet?

Kind Regards!!


Do you mean the OF-documentation, or the ESP8266-documentation?
Anyway, I think you can use these two examples:

OF: https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/tree/patch-release/examples/communication/oscReceiveExample

ESP8266: https://github.com/stahlnow/OSCLib-for-ESP8266/blob/master/examples/sendMessage/sendMessage.ino

I refer to this ESP8266 OSC lib because it’s on my computer, so I guess I’ve used it with success :wink: