Osc over bluetooth

hey guys,
Is it possible to send osc data from an ios device to a computer over bluetooth?


Seems to be possible.
Check out this project.

Thanks for the quick reply @david_haylock

Looks Interesting, although it’s receiving osc data from TinkerGear I need to receive osc data via bluetooth from an ios device, not sure if it is possible.

No worries, can I ask a couple of silly questions?
Why over bluetooth?
Could you setup an ad hoc network and have the devices communicate that way?


Hey David,

I know it sounds stupid but I can’t setup a wifi network for this project so I was looking into bluetooth or any other solution

Hi Joao

Ah I see. No worries.

There seem to be a way to do this. Will have a look.

Not sure it this is useful, but might help.