OSC (Monome) connections to C/C++?

I use a monome http://monome.org/ which through a serial port just sends 0’s or 1’s to the computer (at the moment via an object in pure data) does C/C++ have the ability to recieve OSC commands? For example would I be able to determine the launch of a particular script within C/C++ with a button on a monome sending OSC data to the software?
Thank you very much

Having not used a Monome myself, I can’t speak with any authority, but it is my understanding that there are several applications / tools that will bridge Monome’s serial communication to OSC – searching the web for “Monome OSC” offers up quite a few.

You could write your own oF application that received OSC (via ofxOSC, see examples/addons/oscReceiveExample) and then you could trigger what ever action you wanted when some particular message were received. If you so chose, you could also have your application receive serial directly via ofxSerial or you might even find a Monome addon that streamlines the whole thing on ofxaddons.com.

Brilliant thank you Ill look into these sources then