OSC data stuck

Hi, All

I’m trying to send a OSC data form openframework application on iphone/ipad.
I could sent them to computer but it’s stucked sometime and it’s moving slow…

I’m using 0061(iphone)/Mac OS10.6.6 and ipad to send data.

Anyone experience same kinda issue or know how to solve them?

Thank you


I was using MaxMSP UDP object to receive OSC data. After I changed maxquequesize to 2048, it got better.

Is there any way to reduce the OSC data in ofxOSC addon?

Thank you


If you have an ofxOscSender called sender, and you’re calling sender.sendMessage( m ); every frame, try this to reduce the sent data:

if(ofGetFrameNum() % 2 == 0){  
ofxOscMessage m;  
// fill message here  
sender.sendMessage( m );  

This will only send OSC data once in two frames. I had some problems with max/msp too, thanks for the maxquequesize tip!


Thank you for the tip to reducing sending OSC data.
I will try to include this code to my OSC app later.

I will write back how it goes!

Thank you